Nissan Micra

When you live Boldly

You drive to where you socialise. You drive to where you work. Then you drive slow to get away from it all every now and then. You need a lot to make all those trips, including a hatchback engineered flawlessly for its natural habitat, the streets – your streets.

Sometimes ‘gradually’ simply isn’t fast enough. When you step up for your aspirations, shy and subtle won’t cut it. Bold and confident will. You and the all-new Nissan Micra hatchback, from stance to edge, are bold and confident in design – by design.

You choose your favourite music – why not personalise the way it sounds? You can with Nissan Micra car audio and Bose® Personal®. With Bose® Ultra Nearfield speakers built into the driver’s headrest, it’s like headphones for your drive. Feel like sharing? Dial up a soundstage that fills the car with sound. Your music has never sounded better.